No future plans yet for Parking Ramp No. 6

The fact that the Rochester planning commission rejected the needed Parking Ramp 6 did not seem to bother the city council at the committee-of-the-whole meeting week.

The only mention was a request from Councilman Michael Wojcik to have a University of Minnesota design team look at the plan. This team has been working with the city to develop the coming comprehensive plan.

Then Oct. 23 is fast approaching where the Destination Medical Center is expecting a city transit proposal which got no mention during the same meeting. Whether or not concerned members of the public will see the proposal before the DMC board also is not known.

The fact that the city council appeared laid back – i.e. no mentions – is not what affected drivers may accept. Many of the 300 parkers who will be displaced when the south part of the Second Street Parking Ramp is demolished want to know what is going on.amp actio

Also likely among those parkers are contract holders. The city has not announced whether the contract owners will still be able to use this service once Second Street changes,


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