Street maintenance monies went where?

As city officials  sort out a street maintenance monies plan, perhaps the question should be asked what has happened to projects theoretically underway?

The city’s annual capital improvement budget is by many considered to be a wish list, subject to ready change. The reasons for the change/s usually aren’t known.

But a look at five years (2013-2016)  of CIP street maintenance leaves a person wondering.

The reason? With the help of the city finance department and comparisons to the annual CIP summaries , eight street projects were identified as “active”, defined as under construction. These were listed in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 CIP public data.

So what happened to these projects in 2015 and 2016? One possible answer is that funds had to be used elsewhere.

Including the above, 14 projects were considered “active” some from 2012-2015, but not labeled as complete by Martinson’s department . None were listed in the 2016 CIP budget report. Seven  were active in the 2015 CIP report, but went missing in the 2016 report.

This data is based on project numbers used in the CIP report for the noted years. Project numbers are supposed to remain with the project work is done and records put into storage.






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