Carlton/Days Inn decision will wait

Many thought that the future of the Carlton/Days Inn building will be decided at the city council meeting on Jan. 4. The expectation was that the council would easily give the go ahead.
Such is not the case, according to Aaron Reeves who acts as staff person for the Heritage Preservation Commission. Instead the Jan. 4 meeting will act on a requested zoning change.
Developers will wait for the HPC decision which may or may not impact what will happen with the building, Reeves said.
The proposed Days Inn/Carlton project comes at a time when the HPC is transitioning, but the key is to what?
Reeves said the HPC is almost becoming a planning agency.
Long-time HPC Chairman Jeff Allman said he will meet with Mayor Ardell Brede to learn his views on what the HPC should do. Allman has been reappointed to the HPC for another three years, he said, but whether he remains as chair will depend on what Brede says.
Allman saw the HPC through a highly contentious time that produced an ordinance.
Now the debate is whether the city council or the HPC makes a final decision on a building.
To help decide the question the HPC will seek a consultant using the RFP (request for proposal) process. Candidate consultants will be interview by the entire board, a common way used often in Rochester to make a choice.
But the end result of the RFP process is to extend the Days Inn/Carlton decision into early spring.
Also involved in the transition process is that four new board members will be appointed in March due to end of term positions. This means time will be needed to bring new members up-to-speed.


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